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if they hold on it will be their fourth win of the year for nebraska. when they were down by double digits in the send half. >> chris: that says something about leadership as players, coaches, asked bo about that he said these guys keep believing they're going to win. doesn't matter where they are. >> sean: they had a lot of playmakers. now bill o'brien needs somebody to make a play. and yeah looked like he didn't like the look of this play call against the defense. they didn't have a time-out to change it. mcgloin, can he get to the 30? no. meredith from p.j. smith. and what will bill o'brien do? no time-outs left. he's going to go for it. >> he has to. >> sean: this is the game here. fourth down and six. >> chris: big number 18, jesse james, who is a size match-up problem for nebraska against the linebacker or safety. and remember the last series he
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had jesse james open on a little end route. >> sean: one of the best fourth down teams in the country, this is as big as any they've had this year. four-man rush. mcgloin. started to step right. throws incomplete. broken up by blatchford. intended for alex kenney. nebraska takes over on downs. >> chris: sean, here's what we're talking about zone match-up. man to man but they're going to wait for the penn state players to come to the area. they let them go and each guy waits for them to come to their area then jump them on the zone match-up. you cannot play it any better. whatever lack of communication there was in the first half, certainly not there in the second half. for bo pelini and his cornhusker defense.
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>> sean: penn state cannot stop the clock. 2:39 to go. ameer abdullah. to the line of scrimmage and that's it. the clock will run under 2 1/2 minutes to go. and you better have your friends to fall back on even if they make it worse, being called the best comedy on tv, comedy gold and a blast to watch. don't miss an all-new episode of "happy endings" tuesday, 9:00, 8:00 central on abc. going to be a very unhappy ending and controversial ending for penn state if it stays this way. >> chris: tell him to hold onto the football with two hands. >> sean: cross. ends up about 2 1/2 yards short of the first down. they are in field goal range.
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and a field goal would be huge. would make it a two-score game. and virtually an insurmountable lead. brett maher getting ready in case he's called upon. they'll get him to take a knee and the game will be over. frost. didn't get there. bo pelini has a decision to make. a field goal ices it but picking up the first down ices it. if you kick the field goal you run the risk of a block. i think he's going to let the clock run all the way down, use the time-out. and think about what he wants to do. >> chris: take the clock down to about 27 seconds. similar situation in today's michigan/northwestern game.
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where michigan got the ball back with 18 seconds, hit a hail mary and kicked a game-tying field goal to get it into overtime and win it in overtime against northwestern. penn state would get the ball back here. if he goes for it and they don't get it. >> referee: 30 seconds. >> sean: time-out. what would you do? would you go for the fourth down? i think even if you go for the fourth down, chris, that's the safer play, because, if you get it, game over. even if you don't get it, you're giving them the ball inside the 20, penn state would have to go 80-plus yards, in about 25 seconds or less with no time-outs. >> chris: because of the wind, i would go for it right here to ice the game. trusting my defense to win the ball game. i think if the wind was going the other way, just to play it safe i'd trust my execution of my field goal team and i would
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kick the field goal and make it a two-score game. but since the wind is in their face, go for it. >> sean: the wind is blowing papers all across our booth. >> chris: yes. ship all right. usually i'm hanging on every word you speak. well they're going to send the field goal team out here. >> chris: you know, i don't have a problem with this call either. >> sean: you have a very good kicker ordinarily. he hasn't had his best year but he was the big ten place kicker of the year last year. this would ice it but a first down would ice it, too. and the kick is good. as we said, kick the field goal. 33-yarder. puts this one in the win column. and it will be a very controversial loss that they'll be talking about for a long time. you have replay to correct mistakes.
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and to us replay did not correct this mistake. it was ruled a fumble on the field and a touchback. matt lehman extended the ball. looked like he had two hands on the ball across the plane, then it was jarred loose. the replay official said they thought the ball was coming out before the contact. looked to us like he still had two hands on the ball, was extending it to the line and got it to the line before it hit the leg of santos and came out. >> chris: you know, i can understand on the field why they called that a fumble. that was a bang-bang. you can't see that. and when you have the benefit of the replay and we actually stopped the replay and show the ball across the plane, touchdown. >> sean: and in case there's any question among the viewers, that camera is right on the goal line. look like maybe the angle was off? it wasn't. and that's not the replay officials offered as an explanation anyway. they know it was right on the end line. everybody in our booth, say they thought it was a fumble.
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but our opinion doesn't matter. >> chris: nope. don't forget nebraska benefitted from a controversial call last week on a pass interference that many thought --ship yep. second week in a show, including myself. this time from a replay review. here's the key pass interference call against the -- den ard. and it set up, touchdown in the final seconds. matt mcgloin, ooh, he was focused and didn't see the ball coming. >> chris: had a chance to speak with will last year a little bit. we were just talking about getting a kick out of that. it's easy to get a kick out of out if you're losing it, a dropped interception means nothing. i like to talk to young linebackers, and for him, plab watching film and how they can help themselves.
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>> sean: zwinak. down by thompson. brother cody is a wrestler on the nebraska wrestling team, 165 pounder. and that might do it. lions try to get off one more play and the clock ticks to zero. and mcgloin spun down, apparently that play is going to count. there was no real definitive gesture by the officials. nebraska retains control of its own destiny in the legends division of the big ten, and with the nebraska win, ohio state has clinched at least a share of the leaders division title. here's quint kessenich. >> quint: coach pelini, saying congratulations. down 20-659 halftime. what did you emphasize at the break? >> like i said, going into it,
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about executing, and some of the things that we didn't do well. players, coaches, the like, and thought we came out, we got a little momentum going there in the second half. able to finish off. a lot of respect for this penn state football team and the kids, and i'm happy to get out of here with the win. >> quint: your fourth second half double digit comeback win. what is that like for you? >> not good for the ticker. but, i'll take it. you know, you know, it's a tough way to go. we can't keep living like this but i'll take the win. sean? >> sean: upon important win it is. they have an eye on the big ten championship game. whatever team wins the legends division is going to play wisconsin which clinched a trip to a championship game by virtue of his game today. neither ohio state nor penn state is eligible to play in the big ten championship game due to ncaa sanctions. so wisconsin, will play the winner of the legends division and nebraska is still in control
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of its destiny with a home game against minnesota and a game at iowa, left on the schedule. nebraska scored. penn state 26-3 in the second half. 32-23 the final. be sure to tune in tonight, notre dame and boston college. for chris spielman, quint kessenich and our terrific group, sean mcdonough saying so long from lincoln, nebraska.
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>> next on abc news, bundle up. there is a chill in the air. ail tell you how long it will last.
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the immediate is great and an east bay community comes together to serve. and new information about what the former head of the cia is saying about an affair that led to the end of his career. abc7 news starts now. >> abc7 news starts right now with live, breaking news. >> good afternoon. this is just in from san jose place. the man wanted as a suspect in the death of his wife has been found dead. officers tell us they found the body of troy nosenzo in his car this morning off highway 129. the cause of death is believed to be an overdose of sleeping pills. patricia was found dead inside her home friday morning. police said they previously had many trips to the home for domestic violence calls. our other top story, the weather. let's take a live look outside. this is mt. diablo. a sunny day but it didn't feel like it with freezing temperatures in spots overnight. snow in the sierra. this is a look at heavenly.
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higher elevations received up to 18 inches of snow. frigid temperatures have allowed ski resorts to frank up the snow making machines. let's get the latest on the cold weather from meteorologist leigh glaser. >> you see for yourself much of the bay area is seeing clear sky right now. we are sweeping live. a few clouds still starting to move right right near the coasti think the clear ski will bring up very cold temperatures tonight. in fact a frost advisory has been posted beginning at 2:00 a.m. until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning for the north bay interior seals. you carolyn tyler expect lows dropping into the upper 20s to low 30s. sensitive vegetation, the plants outside, cover them up or bring them in. they could be damaged by this frost. of course you want to shelter your pets as well as your livestock if you have them out there as well. bring them in is make sure they are warm. speaking of lows overnight ton, this is what it's going to feel like by early tomorrow morning.
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29 is the expected low in santa rosa overnight tonight. 30 in napa. below the freezing mark. milder temperatures as you get toward the bay and the coast. 42 in half moon bay and 37 in livermore. how long will it all last? we will take a look at the seven-day forecast coming up in a bit. >> thank thank you. a few days ago we were enjoying summer like weather. last night the same neighbors plummeted in the 30s." we have the story from napa where it was near freezing overnight. >> reporter: in downtown napa the weekend was ushered in by frosty temperatures. >> it's freezing. this is the coldest it's been. three days ago it was 80 degrees so this is biting cold. >> a here 36 degrees didn't spoke denver resident, jenne, from going on her morning run. >> it's not very cold this morning. it's a beautiful morning actually. >> it's gorgeous, wonderful and beautiful and the sun will be up
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today. the sun is up and we thought it was going to wayne so we are excited about the day. >> on this quiet morning in the vineyard, the frost was no cause of concern. it's a welcome sign of the season changing. >> the cold makes the leaves drop off the vine and tells the vines to go to sleep. that's what we need to do w he had a good crop this year and now it's time to rest. >> the freezing temperatures early this morning turned into a beautiful day in napa, it wasn't the same elsewhere in the bay. in the oakland hills residents saw hail and in palo alto some awoke to a rude awakening. the frigid 35-degree overnight temperature is to blame for this water main break. it soaked the streets and left nearby residents without water for the majority of the day. angela woods' home flooded in the 2:00 a.m. debacle that sent water gushing into the
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neighborhood. >> this street is right from my house, the sidewalk and it's going through our front road and kind of funneling through the side of my house. so the water started seeping through the walls. >> as meteorologist leigh glaser mentioned, it will be another night for jackets and blankets. in napa, abc7 news. >> a recent rains have led to beach warnings in monterey counties. health officials there say recent rains and run off are extending potentially dangerous levels of bacteria into the ocean. they advise against swimming at any county beaches where storm drains empty into the ocean. they are now warning of the potential contamination. advisory will remain in effect for three days after the last rain. we are now in the season of giving and the till top church of christ in richmond fed united states had of families an early thanksgiving meal. live in life mound with more. >> hi. the last meal was served here about half-hour ago.
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the hilltop church of christ said they have been putting out the free thanksgiving meals about the past eight years. the response and the need has been so great they move the event from the church to outside here to the parking lot. >> thanks for the food. >> this day started off with a prayer and hundreds of people began to feast on food provided by the hilltop church. christ in richmond. it was doled out by dozen of volunteers and members of the congregation. this is the third year this man attend. he's homeless and welcomes it. >> it feeds me for the day. eyelids in my truck for about three years in richmond. it feeds me. >> they have put this on for the past eight years. so many people came to eat last year, this year they rented a tent to accommodate what they knew would be a large crowd. >> last year we $43,000, totaling the actual dining as well as the everyday market. >> not only the meal that's
4:19 pm
cooked by church members that's served, people are also given a chance to get food and clothing. amika has three children and got food for their holiday meal. >> i'm a full time student and single parent so it's kind of stuff. >> people have a need. people have lost their homes, people have lost the he clothes on their back and they are looking for a way to be able to live day-by-day. >> most given out has been donated or sold to the church at wholesale prices. she said the church used $20,000 in donations and lot of volunteer help to provide the food, clothing and groceries ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday >> as an added treat they celebrated colonel douglas gardner's 100th birthday. he said tomorrow fundraising
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begins for next year's dinner. live in richmond. abc7 news. >> all right, thank you. abc7 news is committed to work with bay area food banks to feed hungry people in our community. we have information on how you can oner website. no one was injured when a mobile home in the east bay caught fire this morning. it began on medina drive. it took about a half-hour to put it out. they aren't sure how much damage it caused but they called in a salvage crew to sort through what the fire left behind. pg&e officials say two red tail hawks apparently caused a power outage today in redwood city. they believe the birds flew into power lines as a substation. it affected more than 4400 customers. service was restored to all the customers by 12:30 this afternoon. we are learning more today about the financial impact a warriors move to san francisco would have on the study.
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a new study released city projects $54 million in one time revenue. that's according to a report in today's san francisco chronicle. the city can expect $19 million in revenue each year after that. the estimate assumes the multi-use arena would hold events outside of basketball season. just last month the team unveiled a concept drawing of the 17,000-seat arena it wants to build on the embarcadero at piers30 and 32. four days after the presidential election the votes in florida have finally all been counted. it was close. president obama got 50% of the vote to romney's 49.1%. the president won about 74,000 votes e now has victories in eight of the nine swing states, losing only north carolina. the sudden resignation of david petraeus as head of the cia is still sending shockwaves through washington. he takes the blame for his own downfall. we have the response from washington. >> after nearly four decades in
4:22 pm
international affairs. it was an extramarital affair that brought david petraeus' distinguished career to a joltingen. to a statement to cia employees, he acknowledged it, confessing his extremely poor judgment. such behavior is unacceptable, he said, both as the husband and as a leader of an organization such as hours. >> if they found out about an extramarital affair, they could use it as blackmail against you. >> he has been married to his wife holly for 38 years. they have two children. they met as he was a cadet and she stood by him as he raced on the ranks up to four-star general. last year he resigned his commission and was sworn in as cia director. this is the other woman, paula broad well. 40-year-old wife and mother of two. she is david petraeus' official biog grapher. >> to get to know him he wanted to run with you. >> i thought i was going to test him but he wanted to test me. >> broad well is also a west
4:23 pm
point graduate who traveled often with petreas to research her book "all in, the education of david petraeus." >> do you have ever think he dropped his guard with you? >> no, no secrets. >> the e-mails were traced back to paula broad well and the affair was discovered. they praised his dedication and pastryism. he said his thoughts and prayers are with him and holly. abc news, new york. hundreds of u.s. veterans will join san francisco veteran's day parade tomorrow. if you want to go here's what you need to know. the parade will march wad civic center plaza. market street will be closed off several hours in the morning. this will be san francisco's 93rd veteran's day parade. ahead, music to the ears of a
4:24 pm
world war ii veteran. ♪. >> coming up, his standing ovation, some six decades in the making. also, signs of progress and growing anger from the hurricane zone. we will check on the recovery from hurricane sandy.
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>> this is abc7 news. >> the occupy movement has become an effective organizer in helping with hurricane sandy relief. they have been credited with helping them deliver aid to damaged parts of new york. power is back on for nearly all of new york. however, much of long island remains in the dark. 146,000 customers have no power tonight. governor blames the long island power authority. he's threatened to pull the company's operating license. people who remain in the dark say life is a little chaotic right now. >> light, you can barely see in front of you. it's difficult. you have a hard time. so usually you try to get in before the sun goes down. >> it's like armageddon or something. they just forgot about us. how are we to survive? >> one good sign of recovery, the is that suit of libertys torch is relit for the first time since sandy struck.
4:28 pm
a tibetan rally ended today in san francisco. [chanting.] >> protesters marched from the un plaza this afternoon. the group started the protesters in india this july. they plan to deliver a global petition concerning china he's treatment of tibetans in the next missouri. the violence continues in sierra. more than 100 tons of aid destined for syria left from iraq today. it's to be the first of its kind from iraq to syria. some 2.5 syrians are in need of aid since the civil war. more than 4,000 syrians have fled to near by countries. more than 60 years ago as
4:29 pm
world war ii was drawing to a close, an army colonel wrote a story. and wrote music. for decades it was dormant but this week the u.s. army band performed the work, giving the composer his first chance to here the work. >> my name is harold van huglen, and my age is 93. i'm a veteran of world war ii. in 1945 i was stationed in new orleans, louisiana at the new orleans army airbase, and i was an instructor. the peace in europe had already been written in april of that year. so they said we can do anything we want to. i decided to write a symphony. during those 70 years when it sat on the shelf, i would look at it every once in a while and think, why isn't this being
4:30 pm
played? >> my brother and i came upon the bound copy of the symphony. i talked with senator carl, a senator from michigan where my dad lives. senator levin wrote a letter to the defense department and the next thing we knew we had a letter back from the arm my secretary saying we would like to perform this symphony. ♪ >> i was kind of worried what i was going to see and i was so grateful when i opened the score and saw it was a total piece of music, very accessible, very melodic. when you sit down you play something and you know exactly what's behind it it has a special meaning. >> the first movement of my symphony is about the sadness of that period, the extreme sadness and sorrow of the holocaust and the terrible loss of life.
4:31 pm
the second movement is sort of being geared for war. the third movement is the warfare itself. the boys going to omaha beach and invading germany. the end of that movement i had a victory march. ♪ [applause] >> wonderful! >> just a few years after the war, he got his symphony in front of a renown conductor and composer leonard bernstein, but he didn't have time to promote it. he was busy sharing his gift of music as a music teacher in
4:32 pm
north dakota. all right, let's get a check on our weather. it has drastically cooled off. >> can you believe it? last week this time we were in the 60s and normal lows now near the freezing mark. temperatures today only in the mid-and upper 50s. still a few fair weather cumulus clouds making its way over the bay and this from our sutro cam in san francisco. let's look at live doppler 7 hd. most of the bay area is clear. we still have just a few little clouds sneaking their way down. these are fair weather clouds so we shouldn't see any moisture out of this as the storm system that brought us the showers yesterday moved on toward the east to the bay area. current readings, boy, we just couldn't manage. with that colder air mass settling over us, couldn't manage any temperatures out of the 50s for the most part. 54 right now in san francisco. it's cool. 59 oakland. napa, 58 degrees with 58 in antioch right now. 57 in mountain view, as well as
4:33 pm
san jose. so we will keep it clear tonight. it is going to be cold. of course, that frost advisory posted overnight tonight for north bay interior valleys area. will warm slightly for your sunday and it looks like things will start to range. warm temperatures up by midweek next week and bring the return of showers. let's take a look how long this cold snap is going to be with us. saturday morning santa rosa, actually this morning santa rosa dropped down to 30 degrees. i'm forecasting 29 as your overnight low for tomorrow. by monday you warm up slightly overnight into the mid-30s. san francisco, no real complaints there. we will maintain mid-to upper 40s the next three nights. livermore by tomorrow morning will drop to 37 degrees and we will look for san jose to maybe come up one degree as they will see a little bit of wind tonight. 41. so you will see pretty much the trend for overnight tonight, early tomorrow morning to be the coldest readings and after that temperatures will start to moderate overnight.
4:34 pm
here's the look at lows tonight. 37 livermore. 30 napa, 29 in santa rosa. of course, this is where the frost advisory is in effect overnight tonight. 48 for san francisco and 41 as we saw there in san jose. low pressure continuing to push on toward the east and that will bring in the cold air mass over the bay area. tomorrow we will wake up to frost and the north bay and then a few high clouds. by sunday, 7:00, we have an advancing cold front but most of the rain will stay to the north of the bay area. 5:00 a.m. monday, north bay might see a drop or two. overneat monday night and early tuesday morning, that's about it. the next chance of rain will come on wednesday and thursday. highs for the sunday, san rafael, 61. 60 for san jose and we will look for 63 for gilroy. a mixture of sun and clouds for that area. the accuweather seven-day forecast, temperatures warmer on monday. maybe a chance of some drops tuesday mainly in the north pay.
4:35 pm
then also the clouds thicken up and we will also warm up on wednesday, lead to go rain likely thursday. we will keep it kind of somehowry next weekend. temperatures in the 60s but some rain showers it looks like. >> thank you. >> sure. >> a san francisco clinic offers a rare opportunity for bay area people who have lost limbs. ucsf hosted the event at its campus today. it helps amputees figure out their physical limits for events like swimming or rock climbing. it also teaches them how to do new physical activities. organizers say it helps show amputees the physical tools they still possess. >> show them how to run, how to bike, how to swim, how to do martial arts. if no one ever shows them those types of activities, they will never have the ability to do so. >> thankful there are people in the world that are willing to put in the time to generate the education to learn about stuff like this and to make this stuff available to people like me.
4:36 pm
>> ucsf organizer hopes the clinic becomes a standard which is duplicated across the nation. >> all right, mike shumann is here with sports. college football. >> that's right. 14th ranked stanford hosting 11th ranked oregon state. what a game it was. hogan led the cardinals to a halftime lead but will to come from behind
4:37 pm
4:38 pm
4:39 pm
>> senior day down on the farm. couldn't be a more pressured game for quarterback kevin hogan began who would get his first collegiate start but he was unflappable early on. the bootleg, 12 yards. 14-0, stanford. but the beaversna back with unanswered points. fourth quarter, has a lot of space, 17-14, oregon state. last play of the third. stanford down 9. hogan under pressure. somehow gets it to stepfan taylor. shakes the defender, gets the block upfield and finds the end zone, stanford now down 23-21. at minutes left. pump fake. the ball hits the knee, comes loose, stanford recovers with great field position. not a good time for a turnover. stanford makes them pay. hogan to hers the. 259 yards, three tds and two picks. this play was bad.
4:40 pm
nowhere to go on third and fourth. injured on the play. a huge win for stanford in the rose bowl upsetting osu cardinals 8-2 with oregon up next. usc lost two straight looking to stop the bleeding answer arizona state. marquis lee continues to be stellar for the trojans. lee does the rest. finishes with 161, 7-7 ballgame. matt barkley came into the year as the heisman favorite. been playing anything but. picked off by carl bradford. he had three fix in the game but finished with 232 yards, three touchdowns. dumps it off here. he will break a few tackles. 22 yards on the touchdown. usc wins it 38-17. huge upset in college football today. san jose over the aggies. this was not close. a lot of fun to watch.
4:41 pm
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call now to request your free decision guide. i've been with my doctor for 12 years. now i know i'll be able to stick with him. you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. plus, there are no networks, and you never need a referral. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. >> the team good story of the year in college football has to be mike mcintyre and the san jose spartans. spartty is now 8-2 and going bowl hunting. he turned the program inside-out. first quarter, he finds the hole. you can't coach speed. he's no match for the aggies.
4:44 pm
63 yards on the td run. finished at 96. 10-0, spartans. second quarter, up 17-0. chandler jones, watch the spin move. 24-0. threw to 240 yards, we are still in the first half, now 30-0. aggie quarterback gets the ball knocked lose. 37 yards the other way for the score. san jose state now 8-on the season. 47-7, the final. top-ranked team in the land alabama put an upset alert by texas a&m. 23-7, texas a&m. the deep throw. over the shoulder catch. 29-17. a.j. mccarron to cooper. has a step on his defender. 54 yards. alabama down 29-24. crimson tide, gets the ball back. they are driving. fourth and goal. oh, no! mccarron picked off at the goal line. third turnover by bama and texas a&m with the upset of the top
4:45 pm
team in the land, 29-24, your final. all right, before this game ninth ranked and undefeated louisville put this quote from the quarterback to pump themselves up. didn't help. this one 37 yards to alec lemon. 24-10, syracuse. next drive, up the middle. breaks the tackle. 5 a of 5 yards to the touchdown. two on the day and syracuse hands louisville their first loss of the year, 45-26 that final. all right. we tee it up for the third round of the longest tournament name but the p.g.a. tour, the children's miracle network hospital classic. third round leader charlie bell general went against doctors recommends to play today. yesterday he suffered a panic attack on the course which elevated his blood pressure and heart rate. doctors told him not to play today but he's the leader and trying to keep his tour card. this is all yesterday.
4:46 pm
brian gay, five straight birdies to start the back nine. tied for second and 11 underwood. three bogeys on the day. second shot on 11. sticks it within a few feet. he is still lead big two. 13-under. a win. he keeps his tour card. what a story. all right. notre dame and boston college coming up at 5:00 p.m. on abc7 and stick around for after the game with larry beil and yours truly. we break down a big day in college football. >> thank you. well, deodorant that you can eat? you have to hear this one. the ingredient in
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>> a man slid down the entrance of the oakland zoo sag his wife was in labor. the officers helped deliver the baby inside the couples' car. the new mom and 7-pound 9-ounce baby boy are doing just fine today. another special delivery under extraordinary circumstances. this time in north carolina where a woman at a bus stop was about to give birth a a stranger rushed to help with neither speaking the same language but the baby wasn't about to wait. abc news reporter has the story. >> following an afternoon on campus with her son, 36-year-old ph.d. candidate emily brewer was
4:50 pm
flagged down as she waited for the bus. >> we are sitting here enjoying the beautiful bay and this woman comes up to me and she's in distress and point agent her friend that is inside the bus stop with her. >> she had just gone into labor. brewer, with no medical training, immediately called 911. >> there's a woman going into labor right now at a bus shelter. >> okay, all right. >> oh, my god, the baby is born. oh, my god, the baby is here. she had the baby, it's in her pants. >> she only speaks spanish and brewer didn't have a translator. but despite the less than ideal delivery room, the two women worked together for what brewer called a surprisingly easy birth. >> oh, baby. oh, baby! the baby was just born! oh, my gosh! >> i think in a situation like that if you have been through labor, you spoke mother. >> within ten minutes paramedics
4:51 pm
took over and the next time brewer saw lopez, it was in this hospital bed with her happy, healthy baby girl. >> so beautiful to see this small child that i saw come into the world. >> it's an experience brewer and her two-year-old son dillon say they will never forget. >> i just witnessed the birth of a child right here in a bus stop. i'll never think of this bus stop the same way again. >> and that was abc news reporter. she named the baby emily after the kind stranger that helped her bring the baby boo the world. there were twelve car rental companies rank the enterprise came out on top. the study measured overall customer satisfaction with renting cars at airport locations by examining six factors, including price and pick up and drop off process. they also found rental car satisfaction is at its highest level in seven years.
4:52 pm
so a candy maker claims it an turn your stinky sweat into a sweet sent. the makers of this perfume candy claims that eating their candy helps you emit a rose frag against. with contains an alcohol found in rose oil. and it has a rosy sent as it evaporates through your skin. however there is no actual scientific proof to back up the claim. the candy is made in belgium. if you want to try it out. it's available on leigh glaser will let us know how long the cooler temperatures will
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
>> the exhale is officially in the air. let's get to leigh glaser. >> it certainly is. live doppler hd spinning right now. you see the conditions. go ahead and put the animation on this. you see the fair weather clouds continue to make its way across
4:55 pm
the bay area. you may see them from time to time. we are chilly, 58 antioch, 57 livermore, 54 san francisco, and 57 right now in san jose. folks, that frost advisory is still up beginning at 2:00 a.m. until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. north bay interior valley areas, look for lows dropping into the upper 30s -- the upper tos to low 30s. remember to bring your plants in. if you have plants outside that are very sensitive to very cold weather, you might want to go ahead and just cover them as well tonight and don't forget about your pets. make sure you bring them in as well. here's a look at our lows tonight. you will see why. mainly the north bay interior valley area is where the frost advisory is in place. 29 expected low for santa rosa, 28 for cloverdale. 48 for san francisco, 47 for oakland. so temperatures there by the waters edge a little more moderate. but you go east and it's into those valley areas, livermore, concord, and out toward the
4:56 pm
diablo valley, temperatures get down to the mid- and upper-to 30s tonight. the low is track very close to the bay area. moving to the east but still bringing down a very cold air mass. temperatures will begin to moderate tomorrow. temperatures will come up a few degrees with sunshine. a few high clouds. look for 61 in santa rosa after a frosty start tomorrow morning for you. 61 nap few, 58 san francisco. oakland will climb to 61 degrees. and we will look for some mid-had to low 60s it break out the interior east bay. 62 antioch. and near 6 to degrees for san jose. salinas, and 62 watsonville. we will get into more changes. we will look for milder temperatures an monday. thicken clouds by midweek next week with a chance of showers developing across the bay area. rain likely next thursday. >> all right. thank you so much, leigh. i have your hottest gossip. there are new details about what may have caused justin bieber and gomez to split up.
4:57 pm
gomez broke up with bieber on halloween. a source told "us weekly" that there were trust issues. they dated for two years. now bieber was spotted partying with victoria secret models on two nights this week. so apparently that's what is rumored on why they may have broken up. but salinas, bieber fans were mean to her and she got threats and everything. well that's correct does it for this edition of abc news. college football is next. boston hosts notre dame. don't forget you can get our new alarm clock app. it is f
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